Monday, December 27, 2010

Hacking we mean it

As far as hacking is concerned we do this for the fun and the fact which related the hacking with fun is the government sites. The hacker usually tackles those sites which have easy to crack down. Thus it makes them quite easy to handle. It is totally right to say that the advancement in the technology is due to the hackers. And the term hacker is the main reason why we use hard security towards the sites.  There are several institutes and academies which run the course of the hacking. We can further divide the hacking into two main categories. First one is ethical hacking and the second one is core hacking. In the ethical hacking we figure out the simple and effective ways to deal with the security of the web sites and the computer organizations. If a person is familiar with the term ethical hacking, he can make it count to track down the systems which are easy to hack down and can be compromised easily.  The hackers are the main reason which makes it possible to enhance the security and continuous monitoring of the systems.  But it is a true fact in the world that windows are easier to crack down as compared to Mac or Linux.  From the starting of the technology era, windows are the favorite platform of the hackers. Hackers are quite familiar with the each aspect of the windows. So it is advisable on the windows platform to use complete security software. This will make sure that your system will not be compromised to anyone in this world. And if you really want to learn hacking try to use that information in right way.

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