Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My personal Experience with windows Installations

I know it has been roughly four to five months when i am writing something. but lie is getting fast and pacy so just trying to catch up with its pace. anyways Recently i came to know that there was windows 7 upgrade available for my Lenovo S 10 net book but i was rather nervous than excited that how it will goes smoothly as Microsoft does not allow us to direct upgrade machine from windows XP to windows 7. and Lenovo S 10 is quite a baby when performance matters.

There are two way to install windows on any machine. Either you need to install a fresh copy of windows or you have to install windows vista and then you can upgrade your machine to windows 7. as far as i was concern, it was quite courageous task for me to follow the route two that is first install windows vista and the m windows seven. It would take a large proportion of my time to install two windows on the go. Hardly i decided to copy my windows 7 installation files to hard drive for later installation. but as a bug of curiosity itching its way on and on to try the new operating system was making me nuts to install it via route two no matter how much time it gonna takes

Accidentally there was a prompt during the installation process that there was not enough memory to initiate the setup further and thus it made me wonder how can a space of 160GB  will be less for a windows operating system or may be my net book is getting old. nonetheless i was keen on installing windows 7, no matter what it would cost me time or anything else. Om  furthermore digging there was another error it was stating there was no hard drives or partitions are missing. everything was looking it is going in vein. 

But after a while when i restarted the setup process suddenly my system halted which leave me in the middle of no where.after a lot of hiccups when i restarted my machine, it booted like any another day normal with boot up screen and then there miracle happen . there were two options of windows 7 and windows vista . i was surprised where my windows xp gone for walk.but none the less i manage to end all this huge chaos and bring back the soul to my net book these little experiences made you stronger every time they happen. so keep trying to corrupt your windows and be a worm to corrupt others

Monday, March 28, 2011

Concept of IP addresses and hacking

Everyone today is aware of the two term one is IP address and another is hacking. Both are incomplete without one another. in the modern era of information technology both are incomplete without each other. at one stage in the internet era every one was concerned about downloading and sending the data without knowing that they can be traced out quite easily. Therefore it is quite required to have your IP address protected well. As we know that there are two types of IP address available for most of the users. Earlier IP address were consist of four digits of addresses like and with the introduction of the IPV6. There are huge possibilities of creating new web addresses without disturbing the old pattern of the web address. Now that's quite enough for the knowledge. and lets concentrate on the main issue that is hacking. Why we need to hack? this is the question which i had asked my self a lots of time and believe me guys, you might have asked this question from your self too.  and the answer is that to gain the information what we want. simple isn’t it. now there are many tools for the hacking over the internet. but here we are dealing with the ethical hacking so we don’t screw anything here up. Here are some tips and tricks so that you can hack and watch the flow of the information without tracing in and out.

First  of all install a fresh copy of Linux. This will ensure that you will not mess up with the copyrights. for more details refer to How to Install the Linux Operating System eHow.com. On this link you will find out how to install a fresh copy of Linux if you are a fresher in this field. once you done installing the Linux, its time to move to the next step.

Second step is the connectivity. Connectivity means a line to internet for the purpose of hacking. Some of us quite good in hacking down the wi-fi connection in the neighborhood. Thus they need to disclose  their tools for our other readers so that they can be benefited from their vast knowledge. here is the link which might help you in the process of building up the internet connection in a legal manner How to connect to the internet with ubuntu linux-.. Now you are ready to use the power of hacking

Tools for hacking


lets try the biggest tool available in the market and that is telenet. telenet is used for identify the remote computer address and thus it makes them vulnerable to attack and we can have their IP addresses quite easily. There are several commands in this tool. The first one is quite easy that is help. You can use what ever you want to access.  once you have located the ip address. then the next part of the games begins.


This command is used to track down the ip address which we have derived from the telenet command. After you punch the command like tracert ip addresses. the compiler will contribute information like do it your self. there are certain bunch of ip address which we can use. With this command it is easy to locate the main server. lets try your self and do tell me that it works well on your system or not. this is the basic concept of this blog. try these two main commands till i return with the more interesting facts…..

guys it will be continue as a series.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Desktop organizer software

This blog is all about the desktop organizer applications which are bunch of useful utility applications which are changing the way we interact with the computers.  So here we will look out for some desktop organizer software.

What are these organizers?
These are the collection of several utilities like if you have to use email client to send your emails to your friends and to other persons. You can use this tiny software to be more productive in your limited time. For example http://notesbrowser.com/
Here you can download free software which helps you to organize your desktop more easily then ever. These tools not just use for sending emails but these are more then that. You can organize your desktop in 3 d looks by installing a utility called 3d desktop organizer which is easy to configure and to deal with. Check out the following link to get familiar with the working of 3d desktop organizer and be sure to use this small utility because it is fun to use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykT9w-8LFs.

Work area of desktop organizer software.
These small utilities are not just limited to work with the desktop area but there work area is quite huge and vast to explore. For example check out the following link where you can see the application which helps to synchronize monitors over the single pc at the same time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W5xKO8ujko. So we can under stand that there are certain types of desktop organizer software which are beneficial for us if we find one which suits our need. Try to figure out your need first when you search for your favorite application piece.

Comparison between freeware and licensed desktop organizers software

There are two type of licensed software’s available in the market which includes these two types of the license that is free ware and licensed. This software is almost similar to the functionality but the main part of the licensed software is that you can not use them with out the proper authentication from the vendor. This makes them more difficult to use and thus these licensed software are used in less number as compared to the other. The main advantage of the freeware is that you can use them the way you want. And the functionality is almost same as in the case of the other licensed products.

Kinds of desktop organizer
There are various types of functions which can be performed by desktop organizer software. But we mainly categorize them in two three categories which are communication organizer, picture organizer and music organizer. This small utility software helps in organizing music, pictures and to search your document more easily with them.

As far as desktop organizers are concerned there are numerous software regarding our every need. At the end we came to know about desktop organizers and there functionality. Try an application which can help you to organize your stuff more easily so that you can find your stuff with out crying a single word over your computer.